Calendar Generator – something very simple

This is something very simple.

It happens that I often need to print various calendars, like weekly or monthly, to keep track of my task and later to use for reports.

I wrote this very simple PHP script that will output a week calendar on the screen that printed will spread on the entire page.

The information is published at GoogleCode:

The code is available though Hg (Mercurial) at or for direct browsing at

Opened GoogleCode account for prototypes

I decided to share my prototypes at GoogleCode. The page is located at

I was looking for a place to store some of the code that I write from time to time. I needed something reliable that is free and that will last for longer. There are may hosting services offering storage for open source projects, like SourceForge, and they all have their pro’s and cons’. The features I was looking for were: source code repository; download facility; content management. I found GoogleCode quite convenient and convincing, so I decided to create a page there.

Another reason to make that choice was that there is offered Mercurial version control, I thought that it is time to start using on of the distributed version control system.

This should be my primary blog

I have another one that I host myself, but I often have to update the software, install plugins manually and many other things.

I will rather use what is provided by the team.

Blog at

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