I am a co-founder of Interlecta and currently Managing Director – Product and Software Development. Responsible for helping drive the company’s technological innovations and strategy, and work closely with its senior executive team, alliance partners, and customers to align these efforts with Interlecta’s corporate goals. As a motivator and visionary, I push the organization to stretch beyond its current capabilities – not just in technology, but also in its strategic partnerships and new business models.

I am a regular contributor to various EU and US technical publications, forums and events as well as a sponsor of regional and national youth competitions for mathematics and computer science. I am co-founder and currently serve as chairmen of the board of the Programmers Club in Veliko Turnovo – a non-profit organization aimed at community-based education for the development of skills for people of all ages in the field of information technologies.

I am a frequent guest lecturer on machine translation, mobile and communication technologies, and entrepreneurship at St. St. Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo, as well as at other regional start-up and business forums.

Prior to founding Interlecta in 2007, I spent the previous 17 years leading engineering teams in the design and development of enterprise level client-server and mobile software solutions. I held senior and engineering positions at One Small World, TheOne Technology Group, Portellus, and Transclick. At these various start-up companies, my primary focus was on client-server technologies, machine translation specializing in localization and multilingual content.

In 1999 I also founded the development company AppletWorks supported larger Interlecta initiatives and projects.

I hold Master degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from St. St. Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo. I am currently working on my doctoral dissertations in the field of computer security, embedded devices, and Internet of Things.

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  1. I came across your FNVHash work on google. I was looking for a php implementation of a 24 bit hash and FNV seemed like a good fit. Looking at your version, I need to add something to your code for 24 bits, but not having a strong math background, I have no idea what it should be.

    What values would FNV_prime_24 FNV_offset_basis_24 be, or is the idea wrong because 24 bits aren’t power of 2?

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